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Birthing Center Tours 2013

A preview of our maternity services is available for expectant couples on select weekday evenings. You will visit the Labor & Delivery and Maternal Child units, as well as have the chance to ask questions about your hospital stay.

This tour is registered by couple and is for the mother and one other adult only. No children will be permitted on the tour. For your own benefit, this tour should be taken approximately 3-5 weeks prior to due date. For a packet of printable information, see General Information for Expectant Parents.

You must be pregnant to take this tour. If you are not pregnant, please feel free to take our virtual tour of the unit. For a virtual tour of Labor & Delivery, please see Virtual Tour.

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Planning to attend? Register online, attend the event, and then visit this page to share your thoughts.
Commented on January 6, 2013 2:21:16 pm
This was an incredibly useful tour! I had my two-year-old at HCGH and am going to have my daughter here in two weeks, and we took the tour both times just to refresh our memories. The nurses really let you know what to expect during the entire labor and recovery process, what to bring (for instance, that they provide birthing balls so you don't have to bring your own unless you want to), what pain relief options are provided, what medical procedures they're going to perform on you and the newborn after birth, and even things as simple as visiting hours, where cell phones are permitted and what times you can order food. Just seeing the space and having a visual of what to expect on the big day was a huge anxiety reliever. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone giving birth at HCGH--especially because it's free!
Commented on January 10, 2013 10:19:04 pm
The hospital seems great and the staff, too. I was disappointed that we couldn't see labor and delivery rooms because of a triple emergency going on at the time. I wish our tour nurse would've said to come back another time to take a look. The postpartum room was small and dated and there was hair on the pillow (in a "clean" room) so I will definitely bring some things from home like blankets and pillow cases. The other issue I had was with our tour nurse. She was a flustered and rude because she was running late (as she stated many times) and mentioned she hadn't done a tour in over a month. I can see why they don't have her do more! Everyone else in the hospital was friendly, and I wish we'd gotten to talk to them instead of her.

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