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Infant Care 2013

This two-day course is designed to prepare parents, grandparents and caregivers for the care of an infant. Lecture, group discussion and "hands-on" practice are used to enhance learning. Topics include the newborn`s appearance, feeding, sleeping, crying, signs of illness, caring for a sick infant, infant stimulation and parenting roles. Newborns are welcome.

Class is registered per couple. For your own benefit, we recommend registering for a class that ends approximately four weeks prior to your due date.

Healthy Families Howard County is a free, voluntary program for first-time parents who live in Howard County. Benefits include a 10% discount on select childbirth and parenting classes. To register and for more information about the Healthy Families program and benefits, visit the Healthy Families web page.

Please note: You must register for the Healthy Families program prior to your class registration. The discount must be taken at the time of registration and cannot be applied retroactively. If you use the discount coupon code when registering, but are not a first-time parent who lives in Howard County, your payment will be refunded in full and your registration cancelled. You may re-register at the full price, but the class may not be available. The discount is for mother and partner only. The discount may not be applied to anyone else.

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Commented on April 28, 2013 9:52:58 pm
I really enjoyed the infant care class. Sharon was very engaging, especially during the second class.
Commented on May 12, 2013 2:31:10 am
The class was very interesting, however I missed day two because after a long exhausting day at work I forgot, so a reminder email should also be sent for day two of the class.
Commented on May 26, 2013 3:14:48 pm
There was a decent amount of information covered, and I think it would have been easier to absorb if the class had been a little more organized - it felt very scattered and I wasn't sure what was a brief tangent, and what was a topic. Got some good information from it though!
Commented on July 22, 2013 4:49:52 pm
Although the Infant Care class may have been helpful for new parents, if you have ever had any experience at all with infants, it was not full of much information. I would highly suggest that the instructor poll the class prior to beginning about breastfeeding and the hospital tour. More than an hour was spent on these two the first night, and many of the people in the class had been both in our breastfeeding class as well as the hospital tour. This was a bit disappointing since we had already paid for the breastfeeding class and we were expecting to hear new information. Polling the class and directing them to other resources like the other classes would have been more helpful. That hour could have been better spent on other infant information. We were really hoping to learn in more detail about when we should take the baby to the doctors and/or hospital and when not to panic. Maybe my husband and I already know the information because we've been doing research and been around children. We loved both the breastfeeding class and the hospital tour, but we were really disappointed that we paid so much money to take this 2-night class and did not get much out of it. For friends and family in the future, I would not recommend this course if they take others and/or read something like "What to Expect the First Year". Sadly, we did not enjoy this course.

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